As a producer, we create and prepare books and calendars - from the idea phase to the final printing product. We have been working for large publishing houses and industrial companies since 2001. Our creations are focused primarily on culinary arts, cultural history, art and photography. Our strengths are, apart from experience and know-how: a long-standing and successful network of competent freelancers - authors, photographers, editors and graphic artists - and our own enormous photo archive, as well as great contact with renowned domestic and foreign photo agencies and printers.

Multimedia material is gaining an increasing importance in today's market. Therefore, we are also altering many of our themes and products, designed for publishing house production into the modern digital form, and marketing them ourselves. Our debut project is an application for the iPhone and other multimedia-ready mobile telephones: the "Food Guide - Europe", a multilingual international consumer information database and encyclopedia for food. (Release Date: Autumn 2009).